Introducing ProspX




There are two sides to every story and athletic recruiting is no exception. Young athletes from all over the country begin their journey at an early age. Their dream of one day winning a national championship drives them to practice and better their skills. They take those skills and execute in their arena, with the hope that one day they will be noticed.
On the other side of the glass are the coaching staffs, who spend countless hours and money competing for the best players. Every teams staff is traveling day and night in search of the next recruit. They each use different methods for tracking these players, attempting to make sense of what they see on the ice and convey that to the rest of the staff. Every year they bring in a new class of talent, who they hope will take them to the next level.

The ProspX team aims to make that process better, for athletes, coaches, and scouts. ProspX is a sports technology startup that is focused on developing mobile tools for athletes, coaches and team management.   Their immediate focus is hockey, as the team has a strong background in the sport. The founder and CEO Todd Carroll is a coach and scout who personally knows the needs of those respective professions.  Co-founder Ross Andrews understands the operational side of the hockey world, previously running internal operations for Quinnipiac Universities collegiate hockey program.  The last piece of the puzzle is co-founder Jake Meyers, who is a former D1 goalie for Quinnipiac University.

ProspX’s goal was to take all the tools necessary for coaches to find players, and players to find coaches, and put them all in one place. After multiple strategy sessions we started to take the ProspX vision and make it a reality. What was once an idea created by Todd’s need for better recruiting tools has become a tangible platform.  It is currently in beta testing among some of the best collegiate hockey programs and athletes.  Once officially launched, ProspX will be uniquely positioned to be a leader in mobile-first collegiate recruiting space.


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