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Facebook recently introduced Workplace, formerly called Facebook at Work, an enterprise social network for companies. During its beta phase, 1,000 companies were invited to use the platform in an effort to gather feedback and iterate the product. The premise is simple, create a social experience, separate from the main Facebook experience, specifically designed for your company.

Heady was approached by UK based OakNorth Bank during its Facebook at Works beta phase with an issue.  Banks are required to store history of communication, company wide, for audit purposes.  Workplace (Facebook at Work) does not provide a function to download a snapshot of companies data, making it impossible to access that data all at once.

Our team at Heady worked closely with OakNorth and came up with a solution. Why not create a separate enterprise software that would aggregate and store that information?  We got to work developing the product and helped OakNorth implement it. Now whenever an audit is ordered, all the information will be at the banks fingertips without compromising the Workplace experience.



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